support the student loan forgiveness act of 2012

Bernadette - March 20 2012, 11:37 PM

Millions of Haitian-Americans were able to get a college education due to loans.

Unfortunately financial obligations and present economy forced Americans to default on loans or spend 10 to 15 years paying for those loans which in turn most often than not create a heavy burden on individuals and families.

Defaulted on those loans resulted in bad credit for students which means they can't buy a home or buy a new car. Graduated students may missed out on a good job as a result of bad credit.

Obama proposed the "Student Forgiveness Act of 2012".

Please people, I strongly urge you to go on "Facebook" to sign that petition in its favor.

I lost faith in Obama right after the Ben Ladden supposed death.

If he can pull that Student Loan forgiveness Act 2012, I might just vote for him again.

Give Our Haitian-American students a break, let us sign the petition for it.

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Marjorie Middy says...

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Monel says...

Marjorie Middy you're right this blog isn't a place for that prestigious subject such as Bernadette has been posted.There are too many craps people... more »

Marjorie Middy says...

Monel, A college education is not a luxury it is a necessity to even get a job as a foreman from a manufacturing company. The cost of a 4 year... more »