The idea of creation a community-based decentralization in...

Makaron - March 16 2012, 10:32 AM

The idea of creation a community-based decentralization in Haiti is great.

But, the problem is that how it is going to be appropriately done. You talk about using local Government as pilot to get it effective.

But of them you can really count on to carry out in a ethical manner certain responsiblities?

I guess, if I am not mistaken, those tentatives have already been put into action.

In another word, this is not a new idea. So, i think the first change that needs to be brought in Haiti, is a change in people mind, specially those who name themselves leaders.

i am pretty sure most of them do not even know the notion of leadership or if they do they try to lead for their own interest or their periphery.

It is time for Haitian politicians to know they belong to Haiti and versi versa.

Good look! Mr. Mayard.

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