Here we go again, and they are a bunch of clowns. We are a...

Josy - March 15 2012, 5:00 PM

Here we go again, and they are a bunch of clowns.

We are a joke, and not taking seriously around the world.

Haitians do not respect themselves, and others or the laws. They have huge issues with assimilation abroad, and do not care about rules.

We need money, and other materials assistance.

They will not help us until we change our mentality, and the national consciousness must be raised up. We can start with getting in line, and not parking anywhere we want or block other cars. We need corrections, and let's start by having cell phone etiquettes.

I have heard Haitians on their cell phones, and they sound like they are arguing or fighting.

You cannot talk so loud on your mobile in public areas, and need to step outdoor to speak on the phone.

I can go on, and on about our behaviors.

We can start small, and maybe there will be some hope for our grandchildren.

I really do not care about rude replies, so let's not waste each other time.

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