Only in Haiti every politician wants to be an expert without...

Marc Monestime - March 11 2012, 12:49 AM

Only in Haiti every politician wants to be an expert without getting the facts.

it is a shame to see how stupid and ignorant our lawmakers are in the country before you go the press with false informations.Wouldn't it be nicer to have good staffs committee to help?As congressmen or senators you have to have honesty and trustworthy.

you owe the Haiti people an apology and leave the parlementary site because you are defactos.

Your mandates have been expired.

Get out, I have one lawmaker I really admire his name is guy Gerard George when he was in Radio Energy in Boston.

He always showed a lot of respect for his community.

I believe that he behaves very well in the parlement no stealing, no controversy, no demagogy.

We want you to resolve the problem of double nationality.

Don't make any fiancial development project on our back, we are not haitians, we are diaspora, you treat us as second, third class citizen.

Are jealous of the Diaspora or just cowards, tugs, evils?

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