Honestly this double nationality thing look very personal to...

Daniel - March 9 2012, 11:31 AM

Honestly this double nationality thing look very personal to me and apparently Preval is behind all this.

Last night people from Cap haitien protest against him (Moise )because they did not vote him Preval put him there.

Now look he wants to come up with this non sense..

Moise Jean charles yo pa peyew pou wap verifie passport moun non si se sa ou vle al cheche yon job nan ayeropo ti papa. Wa tcheke passport tout ayisyen pi bien San sel, Cagabon Cochon

Haitian people cannot pay for parliement non sense you're suppose to work for the country not againt change and try to storm up things..

I swear he's looking for an assassination

Watch Paske mwen konnen vakabon potoprins ka retire laviw pou yon ti degoudin

sim te ou mwen ta poze ti mal

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I got a laugh out of reading your comment, Daniel...

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