prove it or shut the hell up

Bernadette - March 2 2012, 5:15 PM

This is crap and you know it. You are talking about a President of
a country who is also a citizen of America's allegedly can't verify the facts by US?

Give me a break.

Parliament needs to back up what they are allegedly saying.

They need to send a formal letter, possibly from a lawyer representing them to the U.S. Immigration Naturalization Services to as a matter of fact verify this information.

They have an obligation to do so because the Country is trying to resolve an "unconstitutional matter".

The letter should be from one country to another signed by the rightful representative (s).

Hear says and innuendos will not cut it anymore.

Prove your facts or shut up. Parliament accused Martelly, Parliament is responsible to back up their allegations.

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There is no doubt that President Martelly is a US...

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Keep sweating, it will be proven soon or later...

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