Those brainless Lavalas don't want their country to...

Myrtho - March 1 2012, 11:35 PM

Those brainless Lavalas don't want their country to succeed .They are afraid to look bad in the eyes of people, knowing well that they had the opportunity to put Haiti in the right direction.Like my grandmother says, they are only trying to cover up their shame.

One question, What good Aristide have done for even his own party?

If i understand their concept, they are running low on cash and the easiest and faster way to come up with money is to create a major crisis that will rise toward the destabilization of the country.Too bad, this time, it is not going to happen because everyone is aware of their senseless game. I really feel sorry for them.This is not the same Haiti that they knew years ago. Haiti is on a different wavelength and people' eyes are widely open.The new government is by the people and for the people.The Lavalas don't have to feel left out. There is a place for them in the new government.

I don't know what post they will hold but I am certain that one will be created for any citizen who is able and willing to work with the government in place because it there to stay.

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