Monel - February 29 2012, 9:58 PM

The president paranoiac Michel Martely face at his destiny.

since a while ago Michel Martely was found alone, not even those people who pretend was voted for him.He got only some little bit clan" tou piti zwuit " who think they could continue stealing the government's money to hide in foreign countries.

After resignation of former prime minister Mr. Garry Conille, Michel Martely was found alone with a massive protestations all share for the first time in his presidency.

those protestations coming from either side of, both nationally and internationally like Canada who got a strong reaction after that resignation.

Michel Martely was alone in the middle of the civil society like many human rights organizations, who protest against the drifts of president who wants at all costs to install a dictatorship in the country, where he doesn't have respect for any institution, when he refused to turn off the controversy over his nationality.

Michel was alone, when all political party even" Repons Peyizan" his legal's hat who allowed him to go to election pupil voice against him.the last revolt is more than 10 thousands people in the population most adverse took the street singing ABA Martely.

people come from around the Port-au-Prince Haiti capital to manifest against Martely's drift.

Martely found alone, not even a good advisor, when they wanna put the president's as's on the stove is a kitchen already crowded and visibly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the cascade of new who flock there when they've advised his to persecute Jean Bertrand Aristide.

I think they did that mistake to divert people's attention on the real Haitian problems.

Martely found alone, why did they say the president is persecuting by senator Moise Jean Charles, where is those 700 thousands people who pretend was voted for him.where's are the chimers who used to break and burn everything during the election.why they don't take the street to show their supports at their president in a moment like this also difficult.

Why Martely got only less than hundred of Bandits, zenglendos,drug dea'ler accompanied him in a manifestation against Ethnology students.

Martely found alone, when the south's department delegate was resigned before the carnivals"des cayes" for too much corruption he had been seen.when everybody know that Jean Gabriel Fortune was the Martely's right hand in south's department who made all desodes put in power in December before the second round of elections.

Martely gonna still found alone if in a matter of days he refuses to turn off the controversy over his travel's documents, I think he's gonna be more isolated, because he has no prime minister, no budgets, what he gonna do at this time, more threatening against journalists, more paranoiacs, more cracks, more thieves.

In conclusion, if Martely found alone, he must go.

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Bernadette says...

Wrong, wrong and Wrong again Martely needs to get control of the situation, as a president. Parliament has no right to basically give the president... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bernadette,you are right. I don't want to say more,i might spoil your point of view. Martelly should not give them time to think. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bro Monel,Martelly is in no position to persecute Aristide. Every thing you see or hear it's only a form or makes believe. This is bigger than... more »

Monel says...

Bro,Jean Pierre Alexandre,I know Martely doesn't have enough power to do that,he still afraid of Aristide.Martely knows this guy don't play with... more »

Monel says...

Bernadette I'm sharing your frustration with you against the parliamentary who asked the paranoiac president his passport,you're right,this is your... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bro Monel,wou konin byen Aristide gin anpil moun'n deryel,sa kab koz anpil problin'm nan peyi'ya. Merikin ap pran mezi kon't dezod ki pral pete'e... more »

Bernadette says...

Si mren konpran ou byen, Martelly se yun pope twel li pa vo anyen. kote wou bare ak tout vye politik twotoi wap vin by la a. Fok wou konpren tre... more »

Monel says...

Bernadette bel fanm peyi dayiti toma mwen an.mwen koube'm byen byen ba devan'w pou'm di'wou padon si mwen te egzajere nan replik mwen te... more »

Bernadette says...

Monel, The Parliamentary is definitely within its rights to demand proper identification. I have absolutely no problem with it. My objection is due... more »