We, Haitians, should stop the United States with its maneuvers...

Toulimen Legrand - February 28 2012, 10:02 AM

We, Haitians, should stop the United States with its maneuvers to block all economic programs aimed at lifting Haiti from poverty.

While Martelly is trying to free Haiti from the U.S. dependency, the U.S. CIA as well positioned in our country is striving to weaken our political institutions to retain control over Haiti as their backyard.

They perceive us as garbages and Guinea Pigs and we are nothing to them. We should step up like Dessalines, Peralte and Estime to say enough is enough.

Haiti does not consume drugs and the United States is the greatest ever drug consumer country.

All we need to know is this illegal drugs, kidnapping, communism, terrorism, bribery and corruption are the imperialistic tools to control and maintain hegemony on the least advanced countries like Haiti.

We should create a law to inquire about the presence of all foreigners in Haiti and strive to get some NGOs kicked out of our land. Haitians, don't get disturbed by those allegations.

Please seek peace and unity to free Haiti from those imperialistic countries that consider us as their garbages and guinea pigs to experiment all things.

We should win this fight and Haiti will not perish!

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