I am convinced now that my Haitian brethren is bankrupt...

Lovanist St. Vilus - February 24 2012, 11:38 PM

I am convinced now that my Haitian brethren is bankrupt morale, I can't believe my eyes you don't see nothing wrong with the president and the young boy he wants to fornicate This is unbeilivable you want to defend president with no respect for Haitian people, you are not Haitian Mr alexandre, why you not taking us serious, We like you even when you are african we like you and treat you like Haitian, martelly should ask you for this behavior he should not ask our young men for that.

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The president did not do anything wrong, Marjorie...


Michel Martelly is an embarassement for the Haitian people and the office

This is a good reason to expel all the Americans from Haiti for ever because they imposed this right ring extremist...

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