Mho, do you know that any university's local is inviolable. I...

Monel - February 25 2012, 12:27 AM

Mho, do you know that any university's local is inviolable.

I think anyone who got university's practice know that, anybody cannot enter in an university without invitation even the republic's president.

I can forgive president Martely, because he didn't familiarize with the university.but you, I couldn't forgive you, because you're acting like an idio't who qualified the students ignorant.

A president in front of a bandits group who have came to assault the students, who was thinking over university's problem in a symposium, there had Haitians and foreigners teachers, because they refused the president to participate in that symposium, those zenglendo who was accompanied him have the right to vandalize even thieves the laptops and students wallets.

I consider you the same as president Martely who didn't have university's practice.

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