The president did not do anything wrong, Marjorie Middy, can...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - February 24 2012, 10:53 AM

The president did not do anything wrong,
Marjorie Middy, can you tell me what he did wrong?

Haitians are already laughing clowns in the face of the world.

Meaning"good for nothing, useless people, selfish animals, eats where they sshit, very good in backward directions, ect"
At list he is not fake, like the rest of you guys.
Haitians like to makes believe everything is okay while we are in the zoo, mud shacks, retarded human beings on the last number of the scale for progress.

I swallow the rest for God sakes.

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Monel, I am appalled at Martelly's behavior at Les...


Michel Martelly is an embarassement for the Haitian people and the office

This is a good reason to expel all the Americans from Haiti for ever because they imposed this right ring extremist...

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