Exactly bro!!!! The diaspora, even the humble people in Haiti...

Antoine Simon Estime - February 23 2012, 4:22 PM

Exactly bro !!!! The diaspora, even the humble people
in Haiti should manifest against
that ferocious Persecution de la Double Nationalite )

Diaspora ( Haitian with Double Nationality ) IS NOT A CRIME.

The legislative is persecuting Haitian Blood when Haiti is under

You see bro, The first Haitians where Much Cleaver.

They embrassed each other and said ( l'Union Fait La Force )

Haiti has big social challenges, without no immediat solution
even if they where seriously addressed.

Now they loosing time
against Double Nationality.

( diaspora is the only sector who
really help the country during YEARS and YEARS of crisis )
Yes, You can ask any past president that. They will approuve it.
What happen if they embrass Diaspora?

Response to:

We, the diaspora had to do anything what we had to do...


Haitian, once for all

!! Chat Kap domi nan fou pa biscuit!!! Un pays sous occupation,jamais retrouvera le chemin de la libert

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