Monel, I really did want to put the pass behind as long as...

Marjorie Middy - February 23 2012, 7:42 PM

Monel, I really did want to put the pass behind as long as Martelly would keep sweet micky as a vestige of his past. On you tube last night, he behaved like a complete idiot.

Even his dancing style was like a seven year old, you know, the two steps box style.

The young boy whom he was heavily flirting with with strong homosexual undertone could not be more than an adolescent of mid to late teens.

This boy parents should sue Maretelly for "Corruption of a Minor".

The boy said that he had never done it with a male before, but if Martelly wants to, he is ok with it. He was "interested".

As a double kick in the a$$, Martelly asked him to turn around so that he can check him out, the boy bent over and he said to the boy that he was too skinny.

The boy got rejected in public therefore lowering further his self-esteem.

I know Haiti is not taken seriously like any other countries, even by Haitians themselves.

But the president implicitly and explicitly is telling the world that we ain't worth much.
People, people don't you get it?

Now, I am not asking for a coup d'Etat or anything like that but the Haitian people should tell their president that they are worth respect and dignity.

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Mrs Marjorie Middy,please tell me what did you expect...


Michel Martelly is an embarassement for the Haitian people and the office

This is a good reason to expel all the Americans from Haiti for ever because they imposed this right ring extremist...

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Marjorie Middy,we are not a supporter of the coup...

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