Your loyalty is moving however poignantly misplaced it is. I...

Bernadette - February 21 2012, 9:16 PM

Your loyalty is moving however poignantly misplaced it is. I suggest that you read and reread facts about Aristide's dossier.

Did you know the Zenglendos were a making of Aristide?

How about Pere Lebrun?

How about Kidnappings en masse?

Aristide is the original user of Cite Soleil dwellers for murders and kidnappings.

Comparing to Aristide, both Duvalier father and son were a walk in the park.
Don't you understand?

Not one president can change Haiti.

The problems are too complex for one president to change.

It will be series of methodically oriented steps taken towards each and separate problems.

E.g., corruption: applicable policy and applicable reinforcements day after day, year after year. The same steps should be repeated every other social issues that we have. The importance of all of us playing a role in positively changing Haiti cannot be emphasized enough.

Aristide does have the capacity, the intelligence, the insight and the knowledge to help the Haitian masses move forward.

Will he do it WITHOUT pecuniary compensation is a whole different story all together.

Can Aristide teach or lead without confrontation?

I think not. In any events he has not tried leading with no confrontation yet.
Aristide is too angry to lead peacefully.

True leaders have to see all sides equally.

Socioeconomic revolution does not need to be fiery.

A firm hand, level head and renegotiation usually work better.

This way we get to keep human lives and established infrastructures.

Since our Revolutionary war of independence, we can't find any other ways to solve social issues besides coupe tete boule kaye. We fight every issue with the same intensity, the model does not vary.
We promote our leaders the same way we would promote a household item, with lots of emotion and partisanship.

This is old hat and very detrimental to Haiti.

We should promote our leaders in terms of past experience, social awareness, social past deeds, personality traits, education, emotional stability, emotional IQ, emotional flexibility and above all, willingness without malice, ability to perform the job requirements and capability to actually put it all together to lead the country is a fair and juste fashioned.

The presidency is like any other jobs. The person is applying for the job. A definite description of what the job is needed.

A definite body of qualitative and quantitative measurements are needed to assess the candidates.

Promoting leaders based solely on emotion and bipartisanship should die with Haiti's autocratic style of the past.
We should promote HAITI.

We should promote a better development of Haiti.

We should not be in the business of promoting people based on likes and dislikes but rather on the basis of what they can contribute to HAITI.

HAITI is what matters, leaders come and they go but Haiti is forever.


Aristide has no history of using or selling drugs. This glove does not fit

Jean Bertrand Aristide, his mother, his father, himself, his wife and daughters have no drugs history nor a history of...

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