Hey bro, this is the first time I reply your posting, not to...

Monel - February 21 2012, 10:13 PM

Hey bro, this is the first time I reply your posting, not to agree or disagree your posted, but I wanna tell you, Mr. Jean Pierre Alexandre already posted a similar Miami herald's article like that.keep going to do some search like this, as my bro Jean Pierre Alexandre used to do.
Only one thing I could say about that article, it brought some light on, when it mentioned" the Feds focused for years on Ketant's allegation of paying off Aristide, but agents struggled to UNCOVER any evidence such as financial records to prove it, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the case."
I know some people was unhappy and even angry about this article's conclusion, but life be moving on, if today Aristide gets ride of the drug's al'legation, one day the kidnapping and others gonna be thrown away from his head, despite of so many mistakes he got in their two shorts terms presidency.


Aristide has no history of using or selling drugs. This glove does not fit

Jean Bertrand Aristide, his mother, his father, himself, his wife and daughters have no drugs history nor a history of...

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Bro Monel, I know guys that in many occasion stealing...

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