Bro Monel, I know guys that in many occasion stealing drugs...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - February 22 2012, 8:28 AM

Bro Monel,
I know guys that in many occasion stealing drugs from Aristide in the bush of Ganthier when the planes from Colombia drops the drugs.

They used wood fire in the wrong place to confuse the pilots.

The practice stop whent Aristide start searching the entire woods with his corrupted police men and some special force before the planes arrives.

Aristide is more dangerous than any drug dealers i know, because he is a greedy B A S T A R D, he wanted all for himself.

I had a 130 ton scalloper, because of him i abandon the boat, i was told i cannot do business in Haiti if i cannot bring thing to Miami by someone of his entourage.

If you guys think Aristide is angel, you are corrupt just like him

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Hey bro,this is the first time I reply your...


Aristide has no history of using or selling drugs. This glove does not fit

Jean Bertrand Aristide, his mother, his father, himself, his wife and daughters have no drugs history nor a history of...

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Bro Jean Pierre Alexandre,several times I've been...

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