Joseph Oleus sometimes I'm feeling sad and even ashamed for...

Monel - February 21 2012, 9:11 PM

Joseph Oleus sometimes I'm feeling sad and even ashamed for some compatriot who have shown they love Haiti, but only when things going good for them, just to satisfy their own interest, to gain only a piece of bread, they could be said and done anything they want.
Looking at the way you are wicked and even inconsistent yourself when you hate somebody's can't tell me what kind of news I have to be listened, why you accused Radio Kiskeya and Radio Caraibe.

you got a short memory.

remember in 2004,with your GNB's movement, those two radios you accused like the fake's station was helped your gnb's movement, at this time they were your Chou Chou, why today they become "pet peeves " for you.
It's not fair, I know some Haitian are ungrateful, but I didn't know some like you are the low face like that.Messiers, it is time to get your character back in oneself, don't let it drive in a march mud for tiny piece of bread.

Mr. Joseph Oleus, who's blamed you, because you only listen Radio Signal fm, one of the most propaganda's radio for Martely, with Harrison Ernest and Lucien Jurat before the last one was hired as martely'spokesman.

Mesye Jen gason pa Jen Chen, ramase figi nou non kap trennen nan yon ma labou Sal konsa.pou yon ti po patat ki pa menm patat ti savyen.

Mezanmi nou we lapwes, respekte'l tande, nou pa konn kile nap bezwen li .paske baton kap bat Chen blan jodia, se menm baton sa-a kap bat Chen nwa demen.

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monel dont you do news or just listen to what them...

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