Ok Bernadette, I do understand your argument now, but that...

Monel - February 17 2012, 3:16 AM

Ok Bernadette, I do understand your argument now, but that concept regardless between united states and Europe, especially French.

That concept is not applicable for Haiti, that I want you know.Our "fake" constitution like you said in a couple times in some posting, not recognize that concept" double nationality".

According to article 15 of the Haitian's constitution said:anybody who got any others foreign nationalities, even though he or she was born in Haiti, could not be interfered in Haiti political affairs, that's a rule, people have to respect that, no matter who you are until they'd find a consensus to change it.
Dedette, I got problem with you when you've called our constitution"fake".It's not, that's the way people use it in his proper manner at the interest benefits like Martely doing now.I know you're a respectful person that I followed long time, have a little bit respect for our constitution, don't call it "fake"anymore.

By the way Bernadette, I apologize to you, if I was attributed you to Michel Martely's preference, why I did equal you to, that's because in your reply msg 39567,in your 7th paragraph you said:"we need progressive people like Martely to move Haiti forward, if you're not one of them:STAY Back.
That's why I thought you were one of the craziest martely fan.I'm so sorry Dedette, I think you cannot crazy for a paranoiac who doesn't have respect for anyone, and then I don't see anything done by Martely, that someone could qualify him like progressist.

Since Martely got invested the power, he'd created crisis after crisis to put away people attention.this guy not a progressive people, he in a dictator apprentice.

I respect people point of view and their choice, but I don't think this "tet mayo" vehicle driver can get Haiti where it supposed to be, the way he behave like a crack head .I don't know if you focus on Haiti news what"deblozay" martely is leading this country in.
Martely have to finish his term, but if and only if, he doesn't have any contradiction with our constitution, like double or triple nationality, otherwise he must go.
In conclusion, I really appreciate your kindness, the respect you manifest for others, this is the first time in this blog, I'm making a contradictory's debate, I hope those others craps on this blog, I used to waste my time, can take that for example.

Blessing to you.

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