Monel, I used the double nationality bit with France and US...

Bernadette - February 17 2012, 8:46 PM

Monel, I used the double nationality bit with France and US just to illustrate a point, meaning that this concept is not alien to other countries.

Haiti could benefit from this concept, if done properly.

Monel, would it make you feel better if I said that the Constitution is bias?

It is bias in favor of the people who have created it in 1987. The Constitution is not in favor of the PEOPLE.

If the Constitution is not in favor of the PEOPLE then, in effect it is practicing democracy for a few which is OLD GAME. We must change the Constitution to reflect that it is in favor of the PEOPLE, hence eradicating status quo.
You said that the Constitution is "all we got".

Yes, there is always One Constitution per country, is not it?

It is indeed the only want we have and is not an anomaly.

I stand grounds by saying again good tangible proof in writing is needed before condemning the President.

He does not have to show proof.

The opposition does.
Who truly is Michel Joseph Martelly?

I don't know. All I know is that he is the President of Haiti elected by the People for the People.

Right now, he is the Commander in Chief of Haiti.

We must respect the People's choice, however small or big the crowd was. When the People voted, they spoke for all of us. Implicitly or explicitly we gave them that permission.

Is Martelly progressive?

I am going on a limb, here to say yes.
If he was not, he could have said to hell to those who disagree and unilaterally changed the Constitution to suit him. The rebels would have silently found themselves with a one way ticket to either Titenyen or the equivalent of Fort Dimanche.

He took no such action like most of his predecessors would have done.
Did he make mistakes?

Yes. But than again it goes with the territory of somebody with no formal education in politics.

We knew it and we have elected him anyway...In his defense, I believe the most seasoned politicians would not have fared better than he did. He is in a hot seat with with people who blindly and faithfully trusted him to literally change their lives in a short period of time.This is what you may called "Mission Impossible".

Sustainable over a reasonable period of time, I would say yes, he can.
Why do I think Martelly can?

Monel, I don't know where you are from socioeconomically, but can you understand where Martelly pulled himself from under before politics?

True, he went to Saint Louis de Gonzague.

But he also was living at Carrefour where most of his friends from school looked down on.
Martelly went overseas looking for better economic opportunities.

He tried his hands at various menial jobs including building construction where drug abuse and alcoholism are a given...

Yet, we don't bat an eye when our hard manual workers e.g. bouretier picked up hard raw tafia at home to spruce up their day.
Martelly voluntarily admitted that he HAD a problem with drug abuse and had taken care of it; Just like Bill Clinton who admitted that he tried Marijuana but "did not inhale"; Whom, later we have discovered had a sex addiction issue.

The point is that nobody is perfect.

American got over it and kept on moving.

Martelly also is a musician and MADE A SUCCESS out of it. He understood his public and he more than gave them what the public wanted, pure capitalism behavior.

Martelly successfully made a career out of a business where most people failed economically.

Nothing was handed to him on a silver platter.

He had to work at it and be better at it than his peers and he had successfully done just that. He aimed to please.

His success was well manicured by him. No drug addicted person could do all of this on his own if he was not sober.

OK, OK his style was not for everybody including myself, but there was a market for his style and he created a niche.

He "made it" by anybody's standard and by any country's standard.

This is before dirty politics money.

This is quite an accomplishment.Momo, give the man a break.

If he can do it for himself, he certainly can do for our Country.

He is an out of the box thinker and a rolling sleeve worker and he is not from the old boy network, all the reasons to give him a chance to see what he can do for us.

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Ok Bernadette,I do understand your argument now,but...



Yes,the president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martely is a citizen American,according to the last statement of the US...

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