Marjorie, I agree that there are the pressing needs of health...

Rev. Vikki Yeghoyan - February 9 2012, 2:34 PM

Marjorie, I agree that there are the pressing needs of health care, employment, etc. BUT, I do not see my position as "pursuing old grudges." This is much, much more comprehensive than an old grudge.

This is about something very fundamentally and comprehensively wrong about politics in Haiti, which has always had a negative impact on meeting the needs of the Haitian people, and respecting basic, elemental human rights.

You didn't mention Education which is a huge need. Martely said he will raise money with the phone tax and taxes on money transfers.

And yet, I constantly read articles asking where this money has gone. It has not gone to the schools and the educators.

It is being handled by a few of the Martely cronies, and it is not being accounted for.

A trial against Duvalier will not have to take away huge amounts of money from the government, if it is handled properly.

And for that matter, why can't Duvalier be held accountable for all the money he stole, make him give it back to put in the fund for helath care, employment, education, etc.

And if you ask the Haitians who are hurting the worst economically, living in tents etc., you will hear them say they want justice for Duvalier's crimes more than anything else.

It seems to me that you have no comprehension of just how terrible and reprehensive Duvalier's reign was. And no insight to see that not prosecuting him lays clear the path for Martely to protect his friends and his interests.

And that was not why he was elected, or why any person should be president.

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