Anti-Martelly Riots By Lavalas In Haiti, Lavalas or Opportunists?

News Headlines are going out that the LAVALAS Party protested against Martelly on Feb 7 2011 but was it really Lavalas or opportunists who see no personal profit in a Martelly administration?

Haiti - Change You Can Believe In

Reading through the headlines, and all the comments posted, I am getting the impression that it was not exactly a Lavalas anti-Martelly protest...

So what was it?

Radio Kiskeya reports, members of Lavalas popular organizations joined by representatives of the Group of 77 and dismissed employees of public companies have urged president Michel Martelly to submit, without delay, his passport to the Senate committee investigating his alleged American and Italian nationalities.

Dismissed employees huhhhh??? Pay attention...

One commentator made the following statement:

Only 200 protestors took to the streets... Employers who have been fired since Aristide made up a big part of this protest, according to Signal FM.

I ask myself how will Haiti benefit from this seeing that all potential investors willing to invest in Haiti will withdraw due to political instability.

Some say they are doing this for the sake of democracy. What good is democracy if there is no stable employment for the sons and daughters of the Republic of Haiti?

WARNING... WARNING... We cannot afford another 25 years of chaos in Haiti.

I don't know how old you are but personally, in 25 years, I will look like a dried up prune... I want my Haiti now...

If you are a 'typewriter-loving' conservative, retire in peace, step aside...

People have been saying for years that Obama's birth certificate is invalid, yet, the United States remains on track heading towards an economic recovery.

Haiti MUST remain on track towards reconstruction and progress...

LET NO ONE DERAIL the HT EXPRESS... the Haitian PROgress train.

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Monel says...

Why we know that Aristide has done more crimes or thief more money than Jean Claude Duvalier during his presidency.and then everybody prefer to blablabla without doing an action.I'm wondering why, who we scared, what we're afraid for, we have to go down there drop a plaint for Aristide in justice ministry or if we don't want to go to Haiti, instead of we blablabla, we can write down a petition send it to president martely, at this time I think Aristide gonna be prosecuted.

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Carl Henry Dietz says...

Bravo Bernadette! well said, could not have said it better.

You know, all people have to do is to take account on How much money Aristide and Preval took during their presidency and compare it with what Jean Claude took during his presidency.

Second, Haitians need to find out and take into account how many people died during the Jean Claude administration and How many people died during Aristide and Preval inclusively.

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Gabby says...

Max Mills,

The same idiots you are in agreement with and dare to have the audacity to ask President Martelly to comply with the laws are the same no-good-for-nothing monkeys, cold-hearted sob(s) that have been violating the laws for years.

First of, isn't there a committee to in place to verify every documents of a presidential candidate to make certain that individual qualifies to run for president of the nation?

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Gene Leonard says...

President Martelly is the chef of the Haitian Army de la republique D'Haiti.The people of haiti have to learn to back off, and let the President do is job.He was Elected legal by the poeple.

I don't care what kind of citizenship paper he has.The only thing I know He is Haitian whatever...Haitian poeples let the country move forward.Peace.

Hope. Love.

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Max Mills says...

Shame on you, really, shame on you.Do you really deserve a response to these comments.The answer is No.But I am deeply tempted to say something because I have feelings like every human.

Brethren if your mind is fill with these filthy words, man I do not want to know your environment.Even if you were joking, really that is not funny.You have taken this site for your own leisure like someone who is among friends sitting on a wall, laughing,jiggling, smoking pot, and passing comments on passers-by.If it is this way you intend to enlighten someone on this site, brethren I was truly right by saying in my previous letter that some of you write and pass comments according to your emotions and feelings but this one is way, way far away from your emotions and feelings it shows ignorance and stupidity and surely it shows that you were not born and raise in Port-Au- Prince.

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Mariethejonassaint says...

The Rats pa KK never love President Michel Martelly even their Father
TIM TIM BOIS CHEche Than Martelly just don't pay intention with those pa laveeeeeeee yo pat konin ki sa ou te gin lan tete ou yo te di ou fou eh! bien yo koumanse saisi paske se commencement deye kap vinian ap pi bel au nom de JESUS ke BON DIEU BENI MICHEL MON

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Mariethejonassaint says...

The Rats Pa K K ner Love Martelly even their Tim tim bois- chech
than Martelly have to just do not pay intention with those pa lave
yo pat konin si Michel ta pral travail comme sa en tout cas yap voye monter President an ap

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Mariethejonassaint says...

All the Aristide RATS
for some reason never
do not love Michel because what Michel want show to those Rat! what he want change the Face of Haiti their father Rat tim-tim pa te jan'm fait ces bandes de Kidnapeur la pa de dwoue sou moune toujou oh! la layo ban ke plein et puis
des Stations de Radio Anti Martelly leur donne le micro pour radoter ...K

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Rev. Vikki Yeghoyan says...

Marjorie, thanks for your clarification, and you, too, make some good points.

But I stand resolved on my position that if there is to be progress in Haitian democracy, there needs to be clear adherence to the Constitution.

If a basic requirement of a candidate for president is ignored, and effort is make to deter the investigation, the president starts off on a very slippery slope and continues to slide on other issues--like the scandal with the so-called money for education, like inviting Duvalier out in public with him, when even the Haitian justice system has Duvalier under house arrest, like making the country wait for Constitution clarifications (which has been months, despite his promises to turn it over on an announced Monday, or at such and such time, training an army--which really will take money away from basic needs and social programs--to turn back to the Duvalier regime).

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Bernadette says...

Marjorie, Your path made the best sense.

You have to keep in mind that most people on this blog are sensory "feely-feely" and pretty much linear thinkers...They don't understand "if then" clauses.

It is very hard to argue with such thinkers.

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