Victoria, I agree with you there that nobody is above the law...

Marjorie Middy - February 8 2012, 9:53 PM

Victoria, I agree with you there that nobody is above the law. However, there are small snags like time-frame, economics and priorities that sometimes are more important than pursuing old grudges.

Don't you think that eight million people and counting are more important right now to provide health care, employment and housing for than using the money to go after the Duvaliers?

Unless you personally can provide the money to go after the Duvaliers, perhaps Aristide and Preval.

Morality is definitely important but we must not lose sight of millions of other lives.

It is all a matter of priority.

At this point in time and needs of our Nation, settling old grudges seem pale in contrast.

I do hope, though that people like Jean Claude Duvalier, Jean Bertrand Aristide, Preval, Nanphy and the likes would voluntarily remit money back to Haiti without coercion.

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Marjorie, I agree that there are the pressing needs...

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