The law must be obeyed but also the law was written by men...

Marjorie Middy - February 9 2012, 12:55 AM

The law must be obeyed but also the law was written by men. The law is not an absolute truth, therefore should used to guide us and use it for good governance.

The law is not also straight and narrow.

The law is full of curves and many different layers of shades of truth.

For that reason when we have a lot to lose, we must consider our options.

No Country follow the laws blindly.

Obviously some people wanted to create problems for the Country otherwise they would not have waited after his election to question his nationality.

We must form a united front to let not this issue detract us from real problems that we must solve for Haiti.

The law is not written in stone and is whimsical.

People with time and money can always find a way out from legal grips.

The true losers will be the Haitian people who are suffering right now and is awaiting anxiously for a little bit of relief.

Please people let's not see the tree for the forest.

We need to focus on Haiti's recovery.

Other people will always throw us curves to detract us but it is up to us not to take the bait. We need to stay focus on what is bare priority.

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No one is above the law.The law was written and must...

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