Mrs. Brianna Andrew, please it's too early to be shown you...

Monel - February 9 2012, 1:59 AM

Mrs. Brianna Andrew, please it's too early to be shown you suffer Alzheimer, hood'ratf mean coco rat which live in the sewer, sometimes in the dirty basement who got all kinds of scraps, where you live now, when sunset the hood'ratf go out to looking for food in the trash cans, before the sunrise they go back in the sewer again, that's you Mrs. Brianna Andrew, like a recycle American you live with rats, you eat with rats, it's ashamed to see an American born live in that conditions.

I told you, there is any reason to keep going to live like that, it gonna be good for you if you hangyourself.

I'm gonna start to confuse you again, that's only way to leave me alone.don't worry I don't have time for you, scrap American that's means Ti dernye res kokorat ameriken, homeless kap manje nan fatra.

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Moynell the word "Hood'ratf" does not belong in good...


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Little Moynell if you want me to understand you, you...

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