Monel, brother, I am aware that the marines went to Haiti and...

Brian Andrew - January 19 2012, 6:31 PM

Monel, brother, I am aware that the marines went to Haiti and ransacked the National Bank. If there is any kind of defense in this case at time of war, marines think they can do as they are pleased.

I am sorry Haiti got entangled in this sordid affair.

I have never said that our hands are clean because no country can claim itself an Empire with clean hands.

Brother, I believe you should go over the amount of money spent in Haiti by my government.

We spent billions in your country.

Your government has gotten only 1% of the money due to their political instability.

The NGO's and some private agencies got the 99% of the money.

I believe France owes your government money because their Caribbean wealth at that time was built with free labor.

France should do the honorable thing by sending you back a portion of that money commensurate with the total period of time they were getting a free ride.

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My bro Brian Andrew you have to refresh a little bit...

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