OK, people, there are three bloggers on this site on think...

Brian Andrew - January 11 2012, 2:48 PM

OK, people, there are three bloggers on this site on think that I m "Scrap American" whatever, this means nothing in standard English.

You are right, what person of distinction would stoop so low as to visit your blog?


What person of caliber would answer you back, right?

What person of value would bother with you, right?

I have wasted my time trying to communicate to you, all you can do is trashing me back, mainly monel aka agent.

You know what I am willing to put my picture, here for everybody to see and my CV, if monel aka agent will do the same. I stand by my word that agent is a light skinned middle age female with two female children.

Agent is a beautiful curvacious woman with big piercing deep brown eyes. But her ego and her self-esteem are killing her. It is time that we get that cat out of the bag. I am willing to have a three-way phone conversation, my picture posted and my curriculum vitae on this blog if agent and aka monel will be willing to do the same.
I wish Able Rooster would be back on this blog, at least he made sense.

I am giving you all that information, yet you chose to ignore it and do nothing.

Just like more than a year ago, all the networks were telling you that the money can't flow in unless there is political stability.

Everybody chose to ignore it. Parliament took more than six months to get to bottom bare bone basic organization, yet nobody said anything.

People would rather talk nonsense on this blog with agent while precious time is being wasted.

Have you guys just woke up from your stupor?

Well, there is more bad news to come, stay tuned.

I am a retired army personnel, I know more than you think I know.

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Bro Jean Pierre Alexandre,this is what you supposed...


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