Right, all of the sudden this site makes you laugh, "Agent-X"...

Brian Andrew - January 10 2012, 3:40 PM

Right, all of the sudden this site makes you laugh, "Agent-X".

Great, you started it and you should be able to finish it. Never start something that you can't finish.

To googgle something or somebody, you must know what you are looking for right?

You must admit that I know YOU. I hope those children have nothing to do with your stupid blogs.

Besides, I only give first names for you to understand not others.

The kids are innocent bystanders.

My beef is with you.
I could not give a rat's ar$$ about what you think I am. Here in America, middle class is not a big deal. Most people are in the middle, don't you know that?

US is not a third world country with class differences and with big disparities.

It seems like it means a lot to you. Instead of saying that I am a liar, like I said before support your arguments with facts, not just with your stupid opinion.You think I am not upper middle class because...and give facts, dates and numbers to support your point of view. I am an American, what makes you think, middle class status is unattainable?

This is almost a given for most Americans.

America is not Haiti.

We do have economic opportunities here. If we did not have that choice, it would have been a bloody civil war. We expect and feel entitled to a certain lifestyle.

You might not think so, but we chose our leaders carefully and seriously.

Leadership for us is not a joke. It is a matter of life and death.

The economy is not what it is used to be, but the economy is bad worldwide.

But us Americans are still enjoying a very good lifestyle.

We do have homeless people and unemployment, this is very true. The majority of us with employable skills are doing just fine thank you.
This is the last blog that I am answering you on that subject.

Take it or leave it.

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