Martely has been visited Senator and political's animal JOSEPH...

Monel - January 9 2012, 1:50 AM

Martely has been visited Senator and political's animal JOSEPH LAMBERT last week.For two hours two things was discussed.

1-.the amendment's constitutional, publishing or not.
2-.where Moise Jean Charles found those informations.

The senators like:Joseph Lambert, Youri Latortue, Steven Benoit those guys are pro-constitutional's amendment thought that Martely has no intention to publish this constitution, gave Moise jean Charles those information to pushe Martely to send it at the journal's official"the monitor"and martely has any advantage in that constitution.

Martely said to Lambert, I know the US passport they posted on internet is fake, because I'm not American citizen, but where Moise J. Charles found the Italian's documents.

Lambert answered Martely the commission that I lead with youri and Steven dropped any leak about that case. maybe Moise remember in one of your songs when you said:" El sweet micko, el Italiano del Haitiano" Moise think you're an Italian's citizen.

I think if Martely send the constitution in the journal's official he burns himself.

if he's not the Lambert, Youri and Steven Benoit would gonna go as far as possible to turn Micky down not to loose the power, because the international's community not ready to handle a crisis like that.But the gonna do that to push martely makes some compromises.

nan ka sa le yo Finn febli marteli, Li pap Gen okenn fos san Dan.le sa-a martely ap tankou yon poupe twel nan men neg pep la ka pral Peye sa.

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