Thanks Mr. Fritz Debrosse for that precision you brought up...

Monel - January 6 2012, 2:24 AM

Thanks Mr. Fritz Debrosse for that precision you brought up for the teacher's name The pretty, who thought she got all the truths without realize she's on the biggest blog ever, who got people might have more information than her.
I only asked her when she said something she got on internet, she has to post it with proof like a website people could verify, instead of she does that she sent me to work on my English's grammar.

The main idea, send me to fix my sentence structure it wasn't the case, she said something false, others people have right to challenge you.this is his right to support ti Nicolas Duvalier, but when she said after searching on internet she knows ti Nicolas skills.only one thing I know, I got a lot of friends in France, they said ti Nicolas spent all his life to waste his father 's money in luxury cars and beautiful prostitute's women, he didn't have time to make any advance's study.

I advice her don't judge me on my English' skill, judge me on my ideas.the pretty before pointing fingers on somebody, make sure your hands are clean.

Take care bro.

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You are wrong there girl, first generation Americans...

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