"Agent-X" or whatever your name happened to be you are writing...

Brian Andrew - January 5 2012, 4:31 PM

"Agent-X" or whatever your name happened to be you are writing in true Haitian style: Divide to conquer.

Of course you have to praise these poor people to get your bait, then show how much of a man or a woman that you are. You love to strut your stuff.

Except when taking a second peek, it is bleak and devoid and real meaning.

I promise to put you behind bars, I can renew the offer if you like. I have enough on you to shut you up. Unlike you, I will not attack your ancestry.

Unlike you I don't have to portrait others as enemies to get my point across.

Your findings are there for everybody to see. There is nothing classified about your internet findings.

What did you do?

Read the entire book on the "Internet for Dummies".

Good use of time. Next, why don't you get some real knowledge of appropriate use of the English words.

You used them as a teenager ready to take the SAT test at the very best...

I told you my ex-wife was Haitian but she is only 1/4 Haitian.

She is also German, Irish, English.

I forgot to tell you that she is a lawyer practicing law in Italy with our son.
Just because I rent an Apt. from a Haitian-American woman, you automatically assumed that the building is dilapidated and in the ghettos.

That alone told me what you think about your people.

They can't do good. In most cases, I would agree with you. Your are a hypocrite and contradict your own self.
I will save what I do for a living last...when I am finished with you. I want to surprise you, and it is a guarantee.

I agree you on one aspect that Haitians can't do well and History is here to prove it. You people are too narrow minded to have any kind of progress and is why you cling to one another even when they have a knife nicely planted to your back. You don't know any better.

Enjoy your Hell of a place you pathetically called a country.

Stop asking my country for help to start with, since you hate us so much.
My country helped you to write English, we helped you to write what you have posted here...Remember that.
"Concubine" is not part of my vocabulary.

Unlike you I respect the institution of marriage and respect women.

I just realized that "concubine" is part of your culture.

You people don't get married often.

You use your women as trash and comfort for yourselves.

I will get back to you in the most surprising way. But will never answer you back again.

You are to stupid to waste time with.

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