Thanks Monel, But these people don't also know who they are...

Marjorie Middy - December 28 2011, 12:49 PM

Thanks Monel, But these people don't also know who they are playing with. I know exactly where to find my father's friends and families.

There are no more duvalierist and vodoisants than them. They will be killed before anybody else got killed.

That Jean Pierre Alexis talked like a two year old kid. The problem is Haiti is full of retards just like him. He better refrain himself with me. Beware of still waters.

Monel, I do understand Haiti's problems to its core, except that I will never stoop to these people's level.

My Dad paid too much money for my education to end up talking or reason like them.
Us Haitians should go up not down. Bloggers like Alexandre never amount to much anyway.

He never have anything of substance to say. Everything coming out of his mouth is garbage.

From now on, I will ignore the beast.

You too Monel, stay sweet and don't waste too much time with that garbage Alexandre.

He is not worth your time.

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Chere Marjorie Middy,je trouvais dans votre poste une...

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