Haiti Minister Daniel Supplice Robbed By Dominican Police

Have you heard? Haitian Minister of Haitians Living Abroad Daniel Supplice was robbed at gunpoint by Dominican police Thursday 22 Dec 2011, Le Matin says. They took everything, even his cell phone...

Daniel Supplice

Isn't this funny?

Daniel Supplice is the Ministre des Haitiens Vivant a l'Etranger, epi gade sa ki pase Misye... "A l"Etranger wi s'il vous plait... LOL..."


Mr. Supplice should really ask himself:

"Self... What can I learn from this??? Is God sending me a message about the treatment of my fellow Haitians living 'a l'Etranger' whom I represent???"

Hmmmmmmm... It's interesting how situations force us to take our jobs seriously...

Haiti Newspaper "Le Matin" Reports...

Daniel Supplice, Daniel Supplice got robbed by four armed gunmen who were members of the Dominican Police force in the streets of Santiago (the second city of the Dominican Republic.)

While riding his vehicle with his wife and his family, Daniel Supplice got robbed... These crooks took everything, the newspaper says, phones and valuables....

Daniel Supplice was in the Dominican Republic to attend a family wedding.

While listening to the news this morning on Haiti radio Signal FM, they mentioned the word "Kidnapping." Also, according to the news report, President Martelly downplayed the incident claiming that it was people trying to disrupt the good relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

I know that Dominican police have the habit of asking for money "straight up" when you travel by car from Haiti to the Dominican Republic but to harass a Haitian government official and steel even his cell phone, that's a little hard to swallow.

Imagine an officer of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police robbing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at gun point... Not a simple case it it?

If they can do that to a Haitian government official, what will they do to a regular Haitian citizen like you and me???

Come to think of it, how many cases like this have gone unnoticed?

Will the Government of the Dominican Republic do anything about it? Do they even care?

La investigación continúa... LOL...

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All says...

Good job.

My sister while on vacation to DR. has her Iphone 4s stolen.

when she said to someone that she will try to trace it the guys who live in NY and got deported to Dr. advise her not to do so because the person who got it will try to kill her. when we send money for her she has to hide after she got the money this is how the country is bad. when she try to go out to buy people from the place she was living advise her not to do so. the explain her the safe place to go is in the mountain because those places are living by missonnary.

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Bernadette says...

Hey Jeremy, I can relate.

I am a Haitian-American who went to DR for the holidays because I don't think that I will feel safe in Haiti.

So many incidents happened on the line that you are talking about.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Jeremy, i considere you are a lucky man the fact this did not happen in Haiti;Because if it was in Haiti you never have a chance to get out to tell about it.
If it was the Haitian police, you was a dead

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Monel says...

Jeremy I'm very sorry for that incidence happened to you, the DR robbery's police thought you're a high Haitian's official who take the DR's border like transit to hide money they've been stolen from Haitian cashing' state.

Be careful when you want to spend time, don't go to DR it not

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Jeremy says...

I am a Canadian citizen, I just got back from Dominican republic and while there I was robbed by police for no reason at all ! 20,000 passos, it was very frighten cosidering they could not speak

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Nicolas Ronel says...

Sak pase daniel pa fem ni cho ni fret, ni kontan ni tris. paske si neg sa yo pa viktim anba men vole dominiken yo pap konprann sa malere ap

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Marie The Jonassaint says...

Mr. Daniel Supplice
je l'ai connu depuis les Annees1979 au DEPT de L'INTERIEUR il etait vraiment un bon collaborateur Franchement je me sens vraiment touchee de ce qui lui est arrive a St.Domingue...

DE L'UNIVERS il est sain et sauve Que DIEU VEILLE TOUJOURS sur

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Monel, what's you think?I don't have a wife too?

For your info, i have a beauty in my hands too.
Keep my trucks out of

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Monel says...

Jean Pierre Alexandria, I don't know who you gave me for boyfriend.

first level I'm a man, I only like sexy p....sy girls like my beautiful wife. If you let people deep's dig your fade at $$ for use's parts to send to Haiti to repair your stink's truck, don't put me under the bus with

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Concern Citizen says...

Chantal you waiting time. haitians don't know respect.they only know to curse and they only like to destroy I understand the way you feel. I feel like that to and I know we will move up some time don't get discourage stay with us, not a lot good woman blog

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