Tiba, where have you been, my friend? I have been preaching...

Bernadette - December 24 2011, 12:44 AM

Tiba, where have you been, my friend?

I have been preaching exactly what you said for months now; except that airports and national roads or high ways normally are built by governments as you said. But smaller roads leading to highways can be built by private citizens.

Yes, I am not as courageous as you are. I got as far as the Dominican Republic but did not have the stomach yet to make it to Haiti.

It is too emotionally devastating to me. I do know one thing.

We have got to keep going.

I also know lots of money have been donated for the construction of roads, agriculture, education, entrepreneurship and tourism.

Check with the the Bush and Clinton funds for more info and the exact amount.

Also Spain has donated money to Haiti.

Now more than ever is the time for Haiti to turn around.

The money donated is conditional upon Haiti remains a "Safe" place, meaning conducive to business.

What we need is more Government stability more than anything else.
Other countries do have more crimes than Haiti.

But Haiti has more impunity than others just because they considered the GOVERNMENT unstable.

So far, most countries have electricity and other utilities run by private business.

It is not a governmental project.

They do have monopolies in the United states and is very much protected by the Government, like for example "Time Warner" for phone, television, faxes, and computer services; "Central Hudson" for Heat and Electricity services.

They are very well protected and insulated from free market and competitiveness ...No blame involved here. In a mature society, the protection of an existing commercial business elite is a MUST.This is one sure way of preventing political chaos.

Perceived Political chaos is what killing Haiti right now, not crimes per se. Other countries like Mexico, Jamaica to name a few have higher crime rates than Haiti.

The money is there, we just need to keep the government working and in order to move our beloved Haiti forward.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Bernadette, I hear you but it's not that simple! I...

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