NEVER FORGET! Sonia Pierre.

Monel - December 8 2011, 6:04 PM

While Sonia Pierre laid to rest in the Dominican Republic, Martely-Conille Gouverment have to follows-up the main reason death of Sonia Pierre who was persecuted by the "Right Aisle Elite"of Dominican Republic.

In last momoent Sonia was received a lot of threat who show us Sonia recent death isn't a simple cardiac arrest, they have to know what happened was when sonia arrived at the hospital.

Fobald 2001 asked an investigation by Martely-Conille gouvernment to be clear Sonia Pierre death circumstances.

Sonia was't only a human-right member, she was an activist a militant who back-up the haitian democrasy in 1991 after President Aristide got the push. I knew Sonia, I remember in 1993 when I was chassed by Michel Francois guyto leave the country, I was received by Sonia after I finished register by "haut commissariat nations unis pour les refugiers "SONIA nou pap janm bliye-w pou tout sa ou te fe pou pep ayisyen, nou fye de ou .nou panse lit ou tap mennen an pap mouri paske ou te gen tan fome anpil moun pou te pran larelev.

ALLEZ EN PAIX SONIA nou seche dlo nan je nou pou lit la ka kontinye.

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