The proposals I made were that Haiti needed a military which...

Earl Wheby - December 6 2011, 4:13 PM

The proposals I made were that Haiti needed a military which they had and also an Air Force when I was there in early 1980s.

I had one person who agreed with me and would write things were so safe then he could do his studying as he was then a student outside under the street light at night.

I also touched on the subject of the long ago war with Dominican Republic which I hear Haitians are being taken advantage of and abused today there and in that war Haiti had a brilliant General and was winning the war but a Voodoo Priest sent word he should return to Haiti at once which he did and Haiti lost the war. Somehow just recalling these facts offended todays Voodoo Priests which was never my intention but the idea was that Haiti has too many people and 95+% of the forest is gone for fire wood along with other problems and that at some point the Dominican Republic could attack and Haiti might need to defend itself and if there were another war Haiti could end up with more land or liberate the entire island.

There were then objections to this idea because of previous problems the people had with the former military but the new President has said his new military will not be like the old one and not knowing him I have no reason to doubt him. In any event a country needs a military and in some countries when there is no war being faught the military delivers the mail and does other functions to benefit society and it would provide jobs for people.

Still there was strong resistance to the idea because of problems the people had with the previous military.

I can tell you back in the early 1980s I could walk any street in Haiti day or night as a white man and without fear. The only person that seemed to accept my proposals were the man who said he used to be able to go out at night and do his studies under a street light without fear and most others objected for the above reasons.

But today we see the current President is doing the very things I had suggested about a military and its a smart move. Please any Voodoo Priests reading understand this by me recalling factual history of Haiti and previous war with D.R. I never meant to offend them or the religion.

I hope this answers your question.

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