Why Haitians Want to SEE Jean Claude Duvalier - TWO Reasons

The airport in Haiti is jam packed... Everyone wants to see Jean-Claude Duvalier... But Why? There are two reason we know of after listening to Haitian radio... Here they are...

Jean Claude Duvalier President Of Haiti

I've been listening to Haitian radio since the news broke out that former president Jean Claude Duvalier landed in Haiti and for the entire afternoon, many people were interviewed live on the radio and many were asked whether they wanted to see the ex-dictator.

Many said YES they want to see Duvalier... and generally for two reasons:

1) Those who knew him back in 1986, they want to see what he looks like now

2) Those who are too young and have never seen him before, they want to see him.

What do you think about this Duvalier return to Haiti

Reply with your comments

Former Presidents and Chiefs of State of Haiti   Jean Claude Duvalier   PHOTO: Jean-Claude   Papadoc and Babydoc - Francois Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier   Jean-Claude Duvalier drinking Champagne   baby doc duvalier   Jean Claude Duvalier   jean claude duvalier  

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H.r.h. Earl Wheby says...

I have a new proposal for Haiti and that is for you or someone in Haiti to go the Presidents office and ask him to grant diplomatic recognition to the Royal Kingdom of Greater Syria, government-in-exile.

As you may be aware there is currently a civil war going on in Syria.

We are the short lived 1890s version of the Kingdom not to be confused with also short lived 1920 version of kingdom of Greater Syria.

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Earl Wheby says...

You are right and I understand the points you have made as I read and keep up with the problems Haiti has had since the major quake and then all the crime, etc. Some of the problems were beginning to surface even before the quake as you know the story of the Priest who was President and there were cartoons showing him in native African dress, etc. It just wasn't like that when Baby Doc was in power even if the Bennetts were taking advantage of him and, in effect, running the country because Baby Doc wasn't all that much interested in government.

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Earl Wheby says...

The proposals I made were that Haiti needed a military which they had and also an Air Force when I was there in early 1980s.

I had one person who agreed with me and would write things were so safe then he could do his studying as he was then a student outside under the street light at night.

I also touched on the subject of the long ago war with Dominican Republic which I hear Haitians are being taken advantage of and abused today there and in that war Haiti had a brilliant General and was winning the war but a Voodoo Priest sent word he should return to Haiti at once which he did and Haiti lost the war. Somehow just recalling these facts offended todays Voodoo Priests which was never my intention but the idea was that Haiti has too many people and 95+% of the forest is gone for fire wood along with other problems and that at some point the Dominican Republic could attack and Haiti might need to defend itself and if there were another war Haiti could end up with more land or liberate the entire island.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Earl, you have to understand in Haiti politic is very different from other countries in the world, the only nation that have close political segment or about the same is Republic of Zaire.

You have done what you think was good and no one can say you are wrong or right."Things happen accordingly with destiny or in time frame"
All i can say he was lucky to have a pilot like you around him.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Earl, please can you tell me what is or, what was your ideas that you presented years ago?

I have some interest to read about it.
Can you give some input?


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Earl says...

Jean: I am happy to see the new government has picked up on some ideas I presented years ago at the former website and that is Haiti needs a

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Earl Wheby says...

Jean, I did in time feel regrets after it became clear to me what was going on and when I returned to U.S. I went to office of the opposition in Miami and when I told them I had been a pilot for Ernest Bennett I was led into a back room where I drew them a map of Bennetts car dealership which was later trashed by angry mobs. The Bennetts left Haiti with Baby Doc and now Ernest Bennet is dead. I did as you advised and sorry it took me so long to discover things were not normal.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Earl, possibly you are good guy.BUT you failled big time!
You could of save Haiti with all these problems and argonies only if you did jump off your plane with a parachutte to save yourself to safety and whatever did happen would be just fine. Ernest Bennett don't know the stick, i am sure he don't even know what is a rudder, flaps to glid down him self.
I swear to God if i was in your position at that time i would justified his faith by jumping with my parachutte and F him behind.

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Earl says...

He never did anything wrong.

All his problems were caused by his wife and his father-in-law Ernest Bennett.

I know as I was pilot for Ernest Bennett.

His only problem was lack of interest in government and allowing Ernest Bennett to run the

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Heric says...

Now it;s the time to put toguerther people in Haiti with the people of all the country who want to help us put the pulitic a side and look a better way to rebuld haitimay God bless all of

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