I have a new proposal for Haiti and that is for you or someone...

H.r.h. Earl Wheby - December 6 2011, 5:54 PM

I have a new proposal for Haiti and that is for you or someone in Haiti to go the Presidents office and ask him to grant diplomatic recognition to the Royal Kingdom of Greater Syria, government-in-exile.

As you may be aware there is currently a civil war going on in Syria.

We are the short lived 1890s version of the Kingdom not to be confused with also short lived 1920 version of kingdom of Greater Syria.

My late grandfather was the King but forced to flee to U.S. back in early 1890s.

I am the grandson of the King. You can google us: Royal kingdom of Greater Syria, government-in-exile and also see our facebook page Royalkingdom GreaterSyria (spell it out just like that in two words).

We have a Statesecretariat and have established relationship with the Syrian Free Army which is engaging the security forces of Syria as this is written.

Here is how I can help Haiti now & later and I ask all reading this to convey the message to the President and his office.

In exchange for diplomatic recognition I would pledge to invest all incomes from our account with the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in Haiti and would also offer Haiti use of my luxury art deco home block from beach in Florida suitable as consulate office for Haiti in exchange for use of smaller quartes in the diplomatic area of Haiti.

Further considerations are that we may someday be in a position to give to Haiti oil grants and even grants to Voodoo Priests as the last thing the kings grandson needs to have the Voodoo Priests angry at him at this time. Tell the President and his office to contact us directly at:royalkingdomgreatersyria at cfl.rr.com and we will send inline photos of the residence and he should also instruct your embassy in Washington, D.C. that they should contact U.S. State Department Haiti desires to establish a consulate office in Florida using the residence.

This will benefit Haiti directly as their are many from Haiti in Florida today who might need services of consulate and if any Haitians arrested or have selected other problems in Florida under international law the U.S.government is to notify the Haiti government of Haitian arrested and the Haitian embassy in turn would have a consulate office in Florida to contact the Haitian.

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