Haitians should start seeing what is good for the Country as a...

Bernadette - November 20 2011, 8:28 PM

Haitians should start seeing what is good for the Country as a whole, not what is good for themselves.

Sovereignty, Honor, Respect, Justice, and other abstracts topics are worth discussing on a full stomach and in the comfort of home sweet home. Anything short of this concept, the people will march down with the only purpose of reaching for the government's throat.

It is just a matter of time...

Army or no army, big deal! Will the army stop hunger, malnutrition, diseases, corruption from within, environmental hazards?

What constitutional plan is taken that this anticipated army will be different from the past ones?

Where is the sovereignty when we have to beg Cuba for health care help and development?

Where is the honor when we have to beg The International community to build houses for our people when we cannot even come up with suitable land?

Where is the respect when our people have to invade The DR and surrounding neighborhoods for bare basic necessities?

Where is the Justice for our people and that of Haiti?

I do understand that Haiti is young (more than 47% of the population under 17 years of age) and with limited education.

Nobody needs to be 50 years old and with a Masters degree to understand the basics of life and its mechanism.

People: Give Haiti a chance.

Believe in Haiti for real. Think what is good for the whole HAITI.

Demagogues and its derivatives are what got us where we are NOW.
I am not against the Government or anything like that. But I am saying we should DEMAND better from the Government for our people.

Help the Guy finish his 5 years, learn your lesson, teach our people civic duties and national pride and responsibilities.

Do you truly believe that a Haitian Army, most likely funded with neighbors's money and newly implemented half-baked plan can withstand International conflicts?

Don't you believe that money can be best served the Haitian Communities by training and polishing up more our existing Police force at a fraction of the cost of a new Army?

If the Army is not to use against Haiti?

You tell me what is?

Creation of jobs can best be done by constructing roads and modern infrastructures for Haiti, in turn alleviate insecurity and corruption.

We cannot always rely on other Nation to feed us and call ourselves a proud Nation at the same time.
We MUST think collectively to solve Haiti's problems.

Calling on our neighbors for help consistently is not the charm.

No Country can respect us on this basis -- Army or not, period.

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