They are just the minority with the full pockets. they are the...

Richelet - November 19 2011, 2:53 PM

they are just the minority with the full pockets.

they are the ones who don't the country to move on, because with the country being the way it is now, is it the exact way they make big money out of it or from it. cause with the army they won't be able to steal & get that rich, that quick or get that money that was supposed to be for the poor. now lets be honest.

by putting yourself in they place.

would you like the army?

hell to the God damn no, we won't. so that's right.

but me, I said, says & say, YES! to the force.

regardless of whatever.

because it would be better to pay that $ 800 million Dollar green to our citizen people rather to pay it to those touris-tha. which I believe who's never be on time for anything good in Haiti.

our Grand parents, mothers & Fathers Island.

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