New Psychiatric Ctr will be build in Boutillier for sweet dreamer

Marcel Metepouli - November 11 2011, 3:53 AM

There is a project to build a five thousand bed psychiatric center on Morne Boutillier that will be the state of the art in the Caribbean.

There is a possibility that Morne La Selle, Morne Noire may be selected as alternative sites.

Some pundits are already speculating that Mr. Sweet A, B, C, Dreams will have the dubious distinction to be the first registered patient there.

Since the people has respect for the name of families in Haiti, the Psychiatric Center will bears his name as Sweet Dreamer Psychiatric Center.

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Gerard Paul says...

Who is the Sweet Dreamer? It is obvious that you want to say Sweet Micky because everybody knows by now he has serious mental problems. The sad part... more »

Jean Pierre Pabon says...

Marcel you talking about a psychiatric center but you forget to mention a detox center to make it a complete center that will prevent lostrom from... more »

Patrick says...

Marcel Metepouli Martelly pral bati sant psyciatric sa a yo mete frikin bastard tankou ou ak fanmi ou nan li. si ou panse ke se fou Martelly fou se... more »

Iz says...

what does mean lostrom? more »

Nouvel Haiti says...

They should not build one 5,000 bed psychiatric in one place in Haiti. They should build one thousand beds Sweet Dream Psychiatric Center in the... more »

Nouvel Haiti says...

It is still noisy and life is very expensive around Port au Prince. They should build some Psychiatric Centers in the provinces like the Nippes, the... more »