Hi patricia, I like that tonight As I read this passage I'm in...

All Ie - November 5 2011, 1:42 AM

hi patricia, I like that tonight As I read this passage I'm in the middlle of a fight with on of my freaken boss who treat me to call my manager to send me home since the stafe do not want to see me and create a record on me. I read this passage at loud just for him to heard
That lift me up for the night.

Since I start this job everybody told me he is a treat watch for him. that the same thing Martelly should watch for them especially with aristide in haiti.

why I mention Aristide I Married someone that come from carpentier where Aristide originally from.

It's mean I basically know this people

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President Martelly,vous ne craindrez ni les terreurs...

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All le,I'm sorry to hear that but do not discourage...

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