First, this is why Martelly needs to disolve this legislative...

Tiba - November 3 2011, 7:27 PM

First, this is why Martelly needs to disolve this legislative ASAP and call for new legislative elections, not only because these monkeys are against Haiti, but rather this legislative was elected by fraud, which makes them all illegal.

Second, I don't understand why people are so surprised about what's going on in Haiti right now between these dumb mercenary deputees/senators?

These dumb mercenaries are just being Haitians.

When are we going to face the fact of reality that we, Haitians, cannot govern ourselves?

Thirdly, this is nothing but a strategic distraction well designed to hide their incompetence and mediocrity since they had decided a longtime ago to define Incompetence & Mediocrity as their sacred vertues.

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