This is impreative that once one law is applicable and certain...

Ludovic Antoine - November 3 2011, 3:23 PM

This is impreative that once one law is applicable and certain people walk against it, any actions of the law enforcement will be acceptable to this matter.

We are against Police brutality, there is no doubt; but if in this case the civilians are in desobediance, or in contradiction with the law, anything can happen, specially if those who are acting wrong have on their possesion any object that can cause arm to any one.The will be subject to be restrained by force at any mean necessary.

Therefore, we want to bring to the understanding of our young people, to lean on democracy, but do not use it as a freedoom of doing anything you desire which is against the law. Who so ever wants to act against the law will have to pay the concequences, I am for justice, I am for the law, I am for peace, I am for understanding.

I am against brutality, I am for the respect of the laws.

Vive Haiti libre et independante, abas la repression, abas la brutalite, vive le respect et la tranquilite.

Une Haiti prospere dans le respect de la loi, une Haiti fiere dans la loyaute de tous ses concytoyens, Merci

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