President Michel Martelly Citizenship, A Senate Investigation

Is President Martelly Haitian??? -- The Fight between the Haiti Presidency and Lawmakers continue... A brand new Senate commission has just been formed to investigate the CITIZENSHIP of Haitian President Michel Martelly and members of his Government.

Cockfight: Haiti's Senate Vs. the President

Yep... AFFAIRE BELIZAIRE... The Saga Continues!

I have a question!

Didn't Michel Martelly have to prove that he is a Haitian Citizen in order to run for president?

Well... I have to also ask... in fairness...

Didn't Arnel Belizaire have to present his 'certificat de bonne vie et moeurs' in order to run for congress?

I have a better question:

Can you dumb asses kiss and make up?
We got work to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing this and I am getting a headache...

Pou bagay moun sa yon gen pou regle nan peyi sa... epi se goumen yo ap goumen pou we latcha kiyes ki pi long...

And to think... I am actually fighting with my two boy, ages 11 and 9, to grow up... Can you believe this?


Senator Moise Jean Charles suggested it this and the Senate approved.

Radio Kiskeya reports...

The Senate to verify the nationality of President Martelly and members of his government

"The Senate approved Friday the establishment of a commission of nine members with a mandate to investigate the citizenship of President Michel Martelly and all members of the government, in a context of acute political crisis that puts face to face both powers of the State [Legislative Vs. Executive] because of the dramatic developments of the "Affaire Belizaire".

Trained at the Initative of the elected North, Jean-Charles Moses, one of the spearheads of the opposition Grand Corps, the commission, which includes representatives of all shades, is composed of Senators John Joel Joseph, Joseph Lambert, Yvon Buissereth, Steven Benoit, Youri Latortue, Nenel Cassy, Evalliere Beauplan, Dieuseul Simon Deras and Moise Jean-Charles."

Democracy is beautiful thing isn't it?


IS this maneuver a way for the 'I-Hate-Martelly' lawmakers to prove to "La Presidence" that we Senators and Deputes are are the HNICs or... is this actually a great plan of action set forth that will move the Haiti forward?

Is this back-and-forth cockfight going to end anytime soon so that IMPORTANT ISSUES can be addressed and resolved?

Honestly... Both Martelly and These 'I-Hate-Martelly' lawmakers need to put a cork in it!

What do you think?

Reply with your comments

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All Comments (29)

Gloria Lasso says...

Mr.Trenard you must learn to use standard words that will allow you to communicate.

Look at what you wrote below.

I cannot find some of your following words in the

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Ronald Trenard says...

Let's put the BS*** to the side and start working you F*** SOB"s***** We have lost enough time already.

It's time to keep HAITI going .mwen pap di anyen

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Ti Ka says...

Matelly pa okipe yo, ou pat voye peson nan prison tout bagay deyo la wont tounin chagrin mem fe ou konfian kimbe pa

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Baby Grpre says...

Only in our contry Haiti to see so strange thing, Martelly has nothing to loose and also the lawmakers, to proove the citizenship of Martelly and members of the government can t lead forward the purpose of the haitian people devastated ruined by starvation misery and all form of injustice, stand up haiti go head now we must think in 10 20 50 years were we should be, the haitian politicians have no

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Patricia says...

All le, I'm sorry to hear that but do not discourage God will turn things around.Just keep praying for your boss because God can touch his or her heart remember is not your boss fault;it's the devil doing that useed him or her to treat you.Stay faithful to God and make sure you follow the work rules then you will see how God will pour his blessing and his favor towards you.He is a loving and a caring Father who will never forsake you, even if you loose this job know that he already have something way better in stock for you.May God give you strength and I will keep you in prayer.God bless

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All Ie says...

hi patricia, I like that tonight As I read this passage I'm in the middlle of a fight with on of my freaken boss who treat me to call my manager to send me home since the stafe do not want to see me and create a record on me. I read this passage at loud just for him to heard
That lift me up for the night.

Since I start this job everybody told me he is a treat watch for him. that the same thing Martelly should watch for them especially with aristide in haiti.

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Tiba says...

First, this is why Martelly needs to disolve this legislative ASAP and call for new legislative elections, not only because these monkeys are against Haiti, but rather this legislative was elected by fraud, which makes them all illegal.

Second, I don't understand why people are so surprised about what's going on in Haiti right now between these dumb mercenary deputees/senators?

These dumb mercenaries are just being Haitians.

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Patricia says...

President Martelly, vous ne craindrez ni les terreurs de la nuit, ni la fleche qui vole de jour, ni la peste qui marche dans les tenebres, ni la contagion qui frappe en plein midi.Que mille tombent a votre cote, et dix mille a votre droite, vous ne serez pas atteint.

Ne craignez donc point:Voici ils seront confondus, ils seront couverts de honte, tous ceux qui disputent contre vous;ils seront reduits a rien.Tous ceux qui vous suscitiez querelle, ceux qui vous faites la guerre, ils seront reduits a rien, reduits au neant.

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Wanses Jean says...

there is no way to found out if some one is us citizen, no database in usa alow this sort of seach.

enless the law in the us request

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Sydoine Jeannie says...

Well President Martelly has nothing to hide. If He has violated the Haitian constitution and ran for president while holding the Citizenship of another country then he needs to the do the honourable thing by removing himself and call fresh elections in the country.

For that matter any one who holds dual nationality is not eligible for certain office in Haiti president or no president.

I would hate to know that we have a citizen of another country running Haiti.

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