Ronaald, Thank you for your Frankness and honesty about Haiti...

Sydoine Jeannite - November 2 2011, 1:34 PM

Ronaald, Thank you for your Frankness and honesty about Haiti.

I remember when I was a student at College Catherine in Haiti in 1985 I had to travel through gun battle ever so often going home. I remember when I attended Andre Larroche Accounting school in Rue des Miracles in 1986, one night I mearly fainted when I almost came face to face with death.

in 1987, I was sitting my Bacc I exams When i saw man began to shoot at the Lycee in the Carrefour, PAP.

Some of the students who got killed in Gonaives in November 1985 were my good friends and neighbours.

I got so scared I left Haiti to take up a scholarship abraod.

I returned Home after Graduation in May 1991 to contribute to my country and I had to leave again as Aristide was given a coup d'etat.I spend ten years out. I have been going back and forth to help the people of Haiti in Whatever way i can. I am curently developing a new concept of Secondary for Gonaives.

I was there in may, I travel the entire country and the Minustha is doing more harm than good for Haiti right now.

While I was completing an other MS degree in education at Central Connecticut University last summer one of my lecturer challenged me after a presentation on poverty alleviation to return home and work with Haitian brothers and sisters.

I am ready to servre my country in whatever capacity just to help my people living with the pride that our forefather fought with their blood to liberate hati from physical slavery.

Now I am prepared to make my cotribution for full mental emancipation.

I will go bach home and play my part in the national part of my country.

I am scheduled to be in Haiti in December 2011 to continue assessing the situation

Ronald, I willbe happy to knock my head with yours and find out the common ground in the fight for Haiti liberation.

Sydoine Jeannite MSc.Ed.; BA(Hons); BTh. Dip.Ed
Family Therapist/LCPC/Guidance Counsellor/
Pasteur Dument Assermente
Founder and CEO, Haiti Mission of Excellence

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Sydoine, I read a couple of your messages, and...

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