We, is reminding the Haitian people how terrible the cholera...

Timanno - November 2 2011, 11:31 AM

We, is reminding the Haitian people how terrible the cholera disease can be when it reaches the late stage and start attacking the brain of those who suffer from that terrible disease.

When cholera start affecting a patient to that level even half decent minded and intelligent human beings like We The Haitian People, Agent-X, Caribbean Obserer, Agent-Y and Agent Z can start passing gas on this screen thinking that we Haitians will think their petes smell like parfumes.

Michel Joseph Marelly is the president of Haiti, and history will always remember him. But you as the We The Haitian People, Agent-XY&Z, Carribean Observer and the all other fecal parasites being flushed without a look, how will you be remembered after a good few wipes.

You are so low that you will not even take the time to look in the mirror and ask yourself(ves), how did i get to be such a low life fighting to get out of a toilet bowl. I have great news for you, keep asking yourself(ves) that question and may be one day you will make it out of the toilet bowl. Do yourfel(ves) a favor and do not reply to this, but just think about it.


Michel Martelly received an Eviction Notice from the Haitian People

An Eviction Notice against Michel Martelly to vacate the premises of the National Palace in Haiti within 90 days from...

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