Agent-y, wou se yon tou'bouda.Agent-x, se yon djare'e...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - October 31 2011, 2:29 PM

Agent-y, wou se yon tou'bouda.Agent-x, se yon djare'e kolerin'n melanje ak vomisman gonfle'e.
Your mob boss"Aristide"is like the AIDS virus in Haiti's problems
You guys are good only to digs around for info only, spread the news as is.
Please, no more insult or your views.

Lavalas are no good Citizens.

Lavalas se manje chin ak kochon.

Banm san manman.

Response to:

As you know, I am with you Agent-x. Arnel is a good...


Arnel Belizaire is like : Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King, Malcon-X etc..

The Honorable Arnel Belizaire is a social justice and equity defender like Rev. Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King...

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