Agent-x, i don't have any respect for the so-called 1987...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - October 28 2011, 7:54 AM

Agent-x, i don't have any respect for the so-called 1987 Haitian constitution, believe me or not, i will put my pants down to give a nice load of hard sticky S H I T on it.
"In 1987 all laws were made by idiots, idiots only".

We are waiting for that civil war of yours, and i hope to God you are ready for it.
Tetkale, he is doing an excellent job so far and i support him with my soul.
We will clean the house, we will pull every B A S T A R S and B I T C H E S out of their closets, latrines,sewers, garbage dumpsites, we will works very hard to maintening our mountains tops by creating large scale steps to protect the rich soil to eliminate "L A V A L A S"(DLO SALE KAP LAVE VITAMIN"N TEY PEYI DAYITI).

I hope you got my drift and understand it.
LAVALAS is bad to have if you want a good productive farming land in the mountains.

Sorry, i know you would want Haiti to stay as is.
Zinglindos, Chimeres,Ratpakkakkas, kidnappers,Aristide, drugs lords and dealers like Youri Latortue and others, This Chief police of yours, ect...

You know what!
Ban'm fout talon'nou, moun'n serye bezin fonksyione ak potansy'el.
Ban kalanbe'e.

Please, Agent-x.Give us that civil war.


Arnel Belizaire est le premi

28 Octobre 2011 Arnel Belizaire est le premi

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