The most secure way to attract investor to Haiti is to...

Mariaux Richard - October 19 2011, 6:14 PM

The most secure way to attract investor to Haiti is to transform Haiti into a secure sanctuary.

Read carefully this pattern of cause and effect and try to understand the central Idea of the solution proposal.

First: When there is a nation where young man who does not have anything to do what happen?

They tuned out to be attracted by any little bit of money to brake and kill.

It tuned out to destroy businesses.

( No investor will waste their money like that)

The amount of young people that are not working in Haiti is located in. Cite soleil, Ocap, Petion ville, La plaine, Cabaret, Acaye; and the other places if I was to cite, that would take days and days.

No one would afford investment in Haiti until the environment is secured.

The goverment is call to sign a contract with another country.

Or better with several countries.

Calculate the budget and time it is going to take in order to create a military base in every department of the country.

Where every young man and women in the country would be part of the change needed for Haiti.

No one can afford to be master and destructor at the same time.

No matter how hard someone try there will be no change if there is no ( UNION FAIT LA FORCE).

This seems to be the only way to attract investor and take the country in the road of development.

This is my point of view. I loved Haiti from the day I was born, and will continue to love my country the day I die. Haitian for life.

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